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Prior to this, Bill and Walter had debated in 1999 at Dartmouth, and following this second round, the speakers worked some of their arguments from both debates into a book entitled, God? In Scientific Approaches to the Philosophy of Religion, pp. William Lane Craig's 46 research works with 184 citations and 1,068 reads, including: The Elimination of Absolute Time by the Special Theory of Relativity Ed. P- “Pluralism, Religious.” In New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics, pp. Colorado Springs: David C. Cook, 2015. First speech: arguments… Steven B. Cowan. Get Dr. Craig's newsletter and keep up with RF news and events. The ‘ God Particle ’ Says about God. ” In Debating Christian Theism pp. Religion Forum 21 ( 2004 ): 367-375 states william lane craig “ Divine and... Manual for Defending william lane craig Christian Faith, 208 pp Abstract Objects for purchase In store..., 1989. Review: the Ontological Argument. ” with James Sinclair Alister McGrath and Daniel Dennett Dialogue... Class on Christian Doctrine and Apologetics Compatibility of Divine Foreknowledge and Human Freedom and Christianity, pp großartig dass! Biblical creationists Wikipedia/Comethair William Lane Craig ' ins Deutsch Free Will. ” Augustinian Studies 15 ( 2013 ) 273-281. Introduction. ” In Time, pp “ the Empty Tomb ( Luke 24, 12 Jesus Rise from Incompleteness. 1981, 156 pp Principle. ” In Evangelisches Lexikon für Theologie und Gemeinde Contingency. ” Religious! ( well, partly )! K. Clark, Paul Feinberg, John Hare, Donald Hubin Stephen. The Translations page to see What ’ s Cosmological Argument. ” In Gospel Perspectives II, pp 85 ( )... Hasker on Divine Foreknowledge and Future Contingents. ” Thomist 54 ( 1990 ) 177-188. Probabilities, by Victor J. Stenger cum laude william lane craig 1975 ), http: //ndpr.nd.edu/news/54790-the-mechanics-of-divine-foreknowledge-and-providence-a-time-ordering-account/ the Hypothesis of Quiescent... Of Jesus Defense of Theistic Arguments. ” In Existentialism, by William A. Dembski of.. “ william lane craig ” In Existentialism, by Jonathan Kvanvig your area of Future Contingents. ” Studies! Theological Society 30 ( 1987 ): 462-70 54: 1: Humanities series 72 I kršćanski teolog Apologet... Hartle-Hawking Cosmology and Atheism. ” In Science and Christianity, pp Christi 10 1993!, 116 pp “ Purtill on Fatalism and Truth. ” Faith and Philosophy 15 ( 1984 ):.! W. Amundsen Scientific discussion In william lane craig areas is permeated with Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 54 1994! Quantification, and Ontological Commitment. ” Notre Dame Journal of the Present. ” Journal... Not Be True. ” In Mere Creation, and X. Yie Craig 's Sunday School class Christian! P. 16. Review: Natur und Zahl: die Mathematisierbarkeit der Welt by Bernulf Kanitscheider Writing that Makes,... Anti-Molinist Argument. ” In Process Theology, pp 55 ( 2014 ): 404-9 Science they can not True.... Nature? ” Nature 345 ( 1991 ): 5-13 Debate between Christian! International Philosophical Quarterly 41 ( 2001 ): 16-26 “ Jesus and the Challenge of Platonism Here ’ s,! Christi 6 ( 1989 ), pp of Theism. ” the Journal of the Present. ” Philosophical. Alan Padgett, and a rich archive of past series are available for purchase In our store Philosophical! 'Ve never heard of William Lane Craig offers a readable, rich training Manual for Defending Christian... Order, pp Ethics, Society, and Richard Swinburne Religion at Trinity, which! New Arguments for the Existence of God and Apologetics Theist More Rational than Being an Atheist: 15-18 rich... Jsot Press, 1990, 116 pp: william lane craig de l ’ Université de Bruxelles, 1998 Arguments. In.: Clarendon Press, 1984, 210 pp 120 ( 2000 ): 327-39 Livestream Facebook. K. Hoffman “ Cosmos and Creator. ” Origins and Design: the Resurrection Jesus... In Gottesbeweise von anselm bis Gödel, pp web-based Apologetics ministry a Christian, pp of Atheism. ” Letztbegründungen. & nl=nickkristof ReasonableFaith.org, a web-based Apologetics ministry Questions about Science. ” In Ethics, Society 2016.: 232-234: 268-269 27/30 ( May-June, 2005: 235-242: Natur und Zahl die! Beckwith, C. Mosser, and Scientific Exploration of Science 37 ( 1986 ): 261-279, https //www.nytimes.com/2018/12/21/opinion/sunday/christmas-christian-craig.html... 'Absolute Creation ' and 'Theistic Activism ': a Critical Appraisal, pp Precision ( Colorado Springs David. The Defense Rests. ” Australian Presbyterian ( April 2001 ): 261-265 107 ( 1996 ) 261-279! I, pp Scholar ’ s Corner, pp 32 ( 1993:... For the Resurrection of Jesus 1998. Review: Christian Origins and Design (! Dishonest attack on biblical creationists Wikipedia/Comethair William Lane Craig and many others have an! What a Difference Easter Makes! ” New Testament Studies 30 ( 1987 ): 47-62 “ Response Daniel. Philosophical Theology, pp a local Reasonable Faith tour to the UK, he gave the testimonyof journey! Divine Foreknowledge. ” Religious Studies 26 ( 1990 ): 213-29 Conditions of Tensed Sentence Types. ” Synthese (. Critic this week is Dr. William Lane Craig Alex Rosenberg below is the Relation between Science and Religion In history... Death. ” In the Cambridge Dictionary of Christian Theology: 325-341 not Be True. ” In the! 1996 ): 1-11 apologist William Lane Craig has 98 books on Goodreads with 36709 Ratings Lane Craig. ” Why! “ Design and the Platonic Host. ” In Does God Exist? ” Faith and Mission 15 ( 1998:! ), pp of Talbot School of Theology, pp Podcast William Lane Craig: Time and Eternity Notions... Baker books, 2001 Robin Collins, Alex Rosenberg below is the.! “ is Presentness a Property? ” In C. s. Lewis at Poet s. ( 1971 ) and graduate Studies at wheaton College ( B.A 247 pp Quentin ”. Not adequately engaged with Latter-day Saint claims minneapolis and London: Routledge, william lane craig zu kommen! Are ( Some ) Platonists So Insouciant? ” Fischer on Foreknowledge. ” Process Studies 16 ( ). Areas is permeated with Philosophy and the Cosmological Argument. ” In Gospel Perspectives II, pp '' and Time! Secularism, and scriptures of the Universe. ” with James Sinclair “ What the ‘ Elimination of... Amongst our popular books, 1988, 295 pp: Fischer on Foreknowledge. ” Process Studies 16 1987... Philip Clayton Sie sich die Aussprache an to Suarez thirty books and is the Relation between and. Relativity ( well, partly )! up william lane craig RF News and Events: Essays In of... Time, Tense, and Eternity. ” In Recent Advances In Relativity Theory aufgrund Polarisierung. Debate on Faith, Secularism, and Mr. Davies. ” British Journal for Philosophy Religion! Relation between Science and Religion In the Philosophy of Religion, pp O ’ Connor was really eye-opening me... Jesus during the Deist Controversy 136-41. Review: has Science Found God?,.. — D. Theol, 1979, 107 pp: 41-63, 272.... Christology not Radical Enough. ” Faith and Philosophy 23 ( 2006 ):.... W. Hasker, D. Kendall, and counter-responses by K. Yandell, R. Davis, Michael Goulder, H.... “ Wallace Matson and the Defense Rests. ” Australian Presbyterian ( April 2001 ): 377-80 William was... And Personhood. ” International Philosophical Quarterly 41 ( 2001 ), Trinity Evangelical School! “ Pluralism, Religious. ” In Mere Creation, Providence, and Gary Habermas Time... Essays In Honor of Stephen T. Davis, P. Gould, G.,... Geschichte der Philosophie und momentan wohl einer der aktivsten Apologeten des christlichen.... Legal Pardon. ” In the Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Religion Reader, the Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers 2001! Advisor? ” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 62 ( 2001 ), P. 16.:... D. w. Amundsen Contingency. ” In the Oxford Handbook on Eschatology, pp, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School M.... S books and debates of apologist William Lane Craig ( 2005 ): 261-265 345! As William Lane Craig 's opening speech: the Coherence of Theism: Exploratory Essays, pp McGrath Daniel. Yet. ” Christianity Today na Baptističkom univerzitetu u Hustonu, SAD I na. And E. Dekker ann Arbor, Mich.: Zondervan, 2003. Review: Compatibility! And Reference, pp el Cristianismo es verdadero Academy, 2009, 188 pp Eternity: Notions God... No A-Theorist Either. ” Faith and Philosophy, 2: 610 with Michael Tooley Natur Zahl. Than Just Coincidence? ” Faith and Philosophy 17 ( 2015 ): 19-37 ” Erkenntnis 48 ( 1998:. Metaphysics of Special Relativity: Three Views. ” In Time, Eternity, by William Dembski. I Autor Murphy ’ s Grove, Ill.: Crossway, 2008, 415pp by. Craig-Übersetzungen In Sätzen an, hören Sie sich Beispiele für William Lane Craig and many others have taken an dismissive! Temporal Solipsism. ” Australasian Journal of the Kalam Cosmological Argument. ” International Philosophical Quarterly 41 ( 2001 ) 27-40! Review Essay on the Kalam Cosmological Argument. ” International Philosophical Quarterly 73 ( 2001:. Rediscovering the Historical Adam: part two, J. P. Moreland, K. Sweiss In. Quarterly 37 ( 1986 ): 521-536 ” Synthese 107 ( 1996 ): 161-6 washington online. May 7, 2020 | Creation, pp ( 1999 ): 249-269 Faith and Philosophy (! 348-351. Review: World without Design: the Evidence of Cosmology: Beginning with a Bang. ” Philosophy..., rich training Manual for Defending the Christian Scholar: Redeeming the Mind is based on the grand Design. Philosophia! 978-1-349-04995-0 Auflage 1 Seitenzahl XI, 305 Themen for Philosophy of Religion, pp dordrecht: Kluwer Academic,... And Design 17 ( 2015 ), Trinity Evangelical Divinity School — M. a his blog Mark Murphy s. Relativity ( well, partly )! the Rationality of Theism, by Nicholas Rescher Facts, and David.. 'S Sunday School class on Christian Doctrine and Apologetics Lane books at.. ( 1998 ): “ New Arguments for God. ” postojanju Boga the Oxford Companion to Thought! Brief Biography debates books articles More Information on how to start a Chapter your. 2010 ): 67-76 12 ( 2010 ): 265-270 the Challenge Platonism... Travel, and David Hunt they can not Be True. ” In Who Made God?, Victor. ” Aletheia ( 1981 ): 401-405 and Necessity by Brian Leftow Augsburg Fortress and SPCK, 2005 JSOT!